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Brenda was hired by a designer to do faux brick with very little time before a Grand Opening.

She spent all day measuring and taping her brick. 

After applying the texture medium, she proceeded to pull the tape off to reveal the brick lines, but the base coat was pulling up like bubble gum! 

Being 75 miles from home, and no time to spare, she had to find a way to finish the job in time.

After much experimenting Brickbratz was born and she knew she had to help fellow Artistisans that had struggled with the same issues.

With a little more research, and prototyping she applied for and received the patent. 

Many Artisans have written thank you letters for saving them so much time and aggravation.

Brickbratz has won a Whirlpool Mothers of Inventions Award. 

Brenda lives in southwest Florida and continues to create custom wall finishes, murals and other works of Art.   Some of her other works can be seen at Feel free to contact her through the menu link for your custom Artwork needs.

Thank you!   

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