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Testimonies & Endorsements

The Brickbratz system is user friendly for any faux finisher or aspiring artisan to create faux brick, tile and stone with ease, saving you money and valuable time.  "Brenda Brunderman, the designer and inventor of the Brickbratz System, should be thrilled with achieving such an a creative accomplishment in the world of decorative arts.......In my professional opinion, Brickbratz is the ONLY way to go without the fussyness of tapes and grids. What a great tool for our industry!

Martin Alan Hirsch


The Faux Finish School 

Brickbratz is the easiest to use and most time saving product to come along in years, accurate, light weight and adaptable you will enjoy making brick or stone come alive. Brickbratz has taken me to a whole new level of Faux. 

Thanks for the fun!

Linda Topel


Just wanted to show you what we did with the BB. They worked great. This wall was about 9' x 25'. We also used them for the little inset wall and the concrete block..... Thought you would like to know they worked well.

Jeff Davis

Hi Brenda,

I emailed you a while back after I used your brickbratz for my kitchen walls. Since then, I've been able to do a few "brick" walls for some of my friends. But, recently I had the idea to try to find a product that would work outside, and make a "brick" patio. I was very excited about the results using your product......I just wanted to show you my patio. I love the Brickbratz!! They have opened up a whole new creative outlet for me.....I really think these tools are the bomb for faux finishers, and anyone who wants to have a brick look. I know they also would work great to make a stone look, but haven't experimented with that yet. They are super durable, and easy to work with. What more could you want?  Anyway Brenda, thank you for inventing such a cool product!!

I just had to share the results of your invention with you. 



Wendy McCalister

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