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Create Faux Brick Look With BrickBratz

BrickBratz Demonstration (Another Quick Tip)

Thank you for your interest in the BrickBratz!

This user friendly faux brick, tile, and stone system will save you lots of time and money.  Many patterns can be achieved quickly with this system.         


~For the Running brick pattern, all you need is one level line to follow.  You can start at the bottom with the first horizontal grout line by scribing the floor or baseboard.  Or if you prefer to start at the top like me, make sure you gauge the wall from the bottom up to find your first starting line because since real brick starts at the bottom, this ensures that you don’t end up with small unsightly brick at the bottom.  Mark the center of your wall at the ceiling line also because that is where your first vertical scribe should start so that bricks are equal on the sides.  Using a laser or if taping, use 1/4" tape, for your first starting line at the top because the "BrickBratz" scribe 1/4" grout lines.   

Apply texture medium of choice to the entire area that you have time to work.    

( demo pic #1 from left to right )

Very large areas can be done very quickly. 


  * If you find that you do not have time to finish an area, scrape the remaining off and return to it later.  For Running brick, scribe all of the horizontal lines first.  As you are scribing one line, the "BrickBratz" is scribing the next.  Move up or down to that next row and scribe again and again until all of your rows are complete. 

( demo pic #2 )

There is an arrow in the center of each BrickBratz tool so that you can center your bricks.  Starting at your center mark, line up your arrow and pull down to create your first vertical grout lines.  Scribe all of the top row vertical lines first and then center your tool again with any vertical grout line to start the next row.

( demo pic #3 )

After all of your grout lines are complete, smooth edges and texture while wet with a sponge or tool of choice.  Grout lines can be smoothed with a small paint brush.  

( demo pics #4 and #5 )


For Flander’s Weave, you will need the 12” BrickBratz tool.  Starting out you will need one full vertical and horizontal line to follow.  Scribe the 12” squares first.

( numbered demo pics )

Then using the 4” BrickBratz tool, scribe the outside edge of those 12” lines. The 8” can be used as a guide or you can scribe with both to make the 4x8” bricks that will fit perfectly inside. 


Basket weave requires 8” squares first and then scribe alternating inside lines using the 4” Brickbratz tool. 


Depending on the texture medium of your choice, Prime and Paint as desire.

Thank You! Have Fun and Stay Safe!

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